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Sustainable Bamboo for Building Materials

The World's Most Ecological Building Material

Considered the “green steel of the 21st century,” engineered bamboo is becoming increasingly popular in construction, desired for its strength, beauty, and sustainability. Bamboo represents one of the highest-performance, natural-based fibers in the building market. It is also one of the most readily available bio-based building material on the planet. With nearly 1,600 different species of bamboo, the ability to utilize specific bamboos for the building market is at our fingertips.

Pre-selected bamboo utilized in Lamboo products can be harvested every 4 to 5 years. The utilization of this amazing material provides yields of usable fiber in upwards of 16 tons per acre. Unlike hardwood timber forests, which take a staggering 60+ years to grow, bamboo provides an estimated yield of 96 to 100 tons of usable fiber in that same time period. Not only does hardwood timber take an excessive amount of time to renew, but the ongoing deforestation across the globe represents a growing threat to all life on Earth, driving dangerous carbon emissions and exacerbating the climate crisis. 

Besides bamboo being an exceptional building material, its contribution to carbon sequestration is, hand-down, a blessing. Compared to a like-sized timber forest, bamboo can sequester up to 35% to 50% more carbon. This means for every 1 Lb. of bamboo grown, it removes up to 1.67 Lbs. of carbon from the atmosphere. With its ability to be planted on degraded land, where timber or other plant life would not survive, bamboo can help farmers and landowners contribute to decarbonizing our planet and promote natural sustainability for years to come.

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