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  • Does Lamboo® offer warranties for its products?
    Answer: YES The following product lines offer a 10 Year Limited Commercial Warranty: a. Lamboo® Structure™ b. Lamboo® Elements™ c. Lamboo® Rainscreen™ d. Lamboo® Vue™ The following product lines offer a 5 Year Limited Commercial Warranty: a. Lamboo® Skyline™ b. Lamboo® Surface™ All warranties are available on our website under the "Resources" heading.
  • Where can I purchase my Lamboo® products?
    Since Lamboo distributes its products directly to the building market, Lamboo can be contacted in the following ways: Email: Phone: 866-966-2999
  • What are your typical lead times for stock and custom products?
    1. Unfinished Materials in Stock: 7 to 10 Business Days 2. Typical Lead-time for Fabricated and/or Finished Materials in Stock: 4 to 6 weeks 3. For Custom Products: 12 to 20 weeks dependent upon volume and complexity of products requested.
  • Are your exterior products treated?
    Yes, all Lamboo exterior-grade products are pressure treated with environmentally safe preservatives which help with decay and rot from the inside out. Lamboo also utilizes exterior grade adhesives and binders to insure ong-term performance in exterior applications.
  • Do your products offer LEED Credits?
    Answer: YES. Our products may contribute up to 5 LEED Credits: 1. INc1 - Innovation in Design (Life Cycle/Environment Impact) 2. EAc2 - Innovation in Design (Environmentally preferred material) 3. EQc2 - Low Emitting Materials (No added formaldehyde) 4. MRc3 - Sourcing of Raw Materials 5. MRc6 - Rapidly Renewable Materials Note: Not all credits may apply due to the application how the materials will be used in the project.
  • Does Lamboo offer any Continuing Education courses?
    Yes. Please reference our CEU courses under the "Resources" heading on our website.
  • What size options of Rainscreen do you offer?
    3” Rainscreen Slats (Actual: 11/16” x 2-3/4”) 5” Rainscreen Slats (Actual: 11/16” x 4-3/4”) 7” Rainscreen Slats (Actual: 11/16” x 6-1/2”)a. Available Lengths: 8’/16’ 12" Rainscreen Panels (Actual: 3/4" x 11-1/2") Available Length: 8' 2’x8’ Panel Option (Actual: ¾” x 24” x 96”)
  • Will I need any special tooling or equipment to work with Lamboo?
    Typical woodworking tools and machinery can be used on Lamboo materials. Lamboo can also be cut and profiled with advanced woodworking machines such as CNC routers, shapers, lathes, and moulder. All profiling and cutting of Lamboo should be done with high-carbide or tungsten tipped tooling. High speed steel tooling should only be used for drilling purposes. Contact Lamboo directly with any specific or specialized tooling or machinery questions.
  • Do all exterior products require staining and finishing?
    Yes. Please reference Lamboo’s maintenance guidelines which can be found on our website under the Resources heading and Lamboo Resource Library selection.
  • What stains or finishes do you recommend I use?
    Interior Stains and Finishes:a. Solvent or Water-based Sealers and Top Coatsb. Solvent-based stain Exterior Stains and Finishes:a. Solvent-based or Oil-Based stains only For all up-to-date stain and finished systems used by Lamboo, contact the corporate office and speak to a product technical specialist.
  • What type of fasteners or clips are used for your Rainscreen System?
    Lamboo has developed it’s own hidden fastener system, the Lamboo® Titan™ Mounting System. All mounting hardware is made with marine-grade or architectural grade aluminum and fasteners are stainless steel.
  • How can I receive samples?
    If you have a project where Lamboo can be integrated into, please email with your full contact info: Lead time of project Phone Number Ship to Address Architect Project Name Company Name (If Applicable) Name Budget (If Available)
  • Is there a minimum order amount?
    For stock products, Lamboo does not have a minimum order quantity requirement. For custom products, Lamboo may require a minimum order requirement. This will be determined at time of quotation of the project.
  • What maintenance is needed for your exterior products?
    Like other natural products, Lamboo is engineered with 100% bamboo material. Therefore, it will require maintenance to keep its original beauty and luster over the years. Lamboo offers a maintenance guide to ensure that your project looks like new throughout the life of the product. Contact us for further assistance.
  • What dimensional Lamboo lumber do you stock?
    Lamboo currently stocks dimensional componenets similar to typical dimensional lumbers as provided in the building market. Lamboo's current list is: 1. 4x4 (3-1/2" x 3-1/2") 2. 2x6 (1-1/2" x 5-1/2") 3. 2x4 (1-1/2" x 3-1/2") 4. 2x2 (1-1/2" x 1-1/2") 5. 5/4x6 (1" x 5-1/2") 6. 5/4x4 91" x 3-1/2") 7. 1x8 (3/4" x 7-1/4") 8. 1x6 (3/4" x 5-1/2") 9. 1x4 (3/4" x 3-1/2") 10. Typical Lengths: 8'/12'/16' However, lengths available will always be based on current stock.
  • What is the Fire Rating for Lamboo products?
    Lamboo's standard fire rating on all material is Class B. Lamboo can acheive Class A fire rating for interior and exterior products if required.
  • If I am using my own attachment system or face fastening products, what fasteners/clips do you recommend?"
    Recommended Fasteners: Exterior - Stainless steel bolts, washers, uts, or self-tapping screws Interior- Xinc or nickel coated Recommended Screws: Exterior - Staineless steel Interior - Typical wood screws NOTE: Ceramic or zinc coated screws are not recommended in exterior applications. An undesired look may occur as a result of te coating leeching into the Lamboo products. Recommended Clips/Mounting Hardware: Exterior - Stainless steel/anodized/powder coated Interior - Aluminum/steel
  • Is pre-drilling required when working with Lamboo?
    Answer: YES. Pre-drilling is recommended for all fastener types. Pre-drilling will help prevent cracking and splitting of the materials and offer superior service life.
  • What kind of fabrication capacities does Lamboo offer?
    Lamboo’s Capacities Include: Highly Skilled Professionals Interior Grade & Exterior Grade Finishing Equipment Industrial Woodworking Equipment 5 Head Molder CNC Routing Machines Lamboo has also established partnerships throughout the US with leading manufacturers in a variety of manufacturing disciplines to ensure that Lamboo can support your project and be your “One-Stop Shop” with “Turn-key” product solutions.
  • Do I need to have a professional install the Lamboo Rainscreen System, or can I do it myself?"
    ​​​​​​Based on the simplicity of the Lambo Rainscreen System, any typical sub-contractor or siding installer can install our rainscreen system. Lamboo can always recommend an installer (if applicable) in areas where Lamboo has had projects where the rainscreen system has been installed. Lamboo can also provide support to the sub-contractor or installer that the customer decides to use.
  • Why Lamboo versus Wood or Timber products?
    The following are just some of the advantages that Lamboo provides over its wood/timber counterparts: Quality: Lamboo only offers Grade A materials to ensure quality and performance of Lamboo products. No Need to “Cover it Up”: Lamboo’s products offer a natural and beautiful aesthetic that does not require the need for drywall or other forms of “masking” the finish installed materials. High Dimensional Stability: Due to Lamboo’s density & mechanical properties, Lamboo is perfect for long spans. High Yield: Lamboo offers up to 98% to 99% usage, avoiding the need to cut around defects, voids, and knots. This helps reduce jobsite waste and allow contractors to utilize the necessary amount of materials instead of charging for extra materials to account for waste from wood products. Rapidly Renewable: We can harvest every 4-5 years compared to timbers harvest cycle of 50+ years. Materials Utilization: Lamboo: 4 to 5 years equaling 12 to 14 tons of useable fiber per acre Soft Wood: 15 to 20 years equaling 4 to 6 tons of useable fiber per acre Exotic Hardwoods (like Ipe): 50 to 100 years equaling 50 tons of useable fiber per acre.
  • How does Lamboo compare in cost to other typical woods and exotic lumbers?
    Lamboo does not compare in cost to typical building lumbers like Pine and Douglas Fir. Lamboo products are more cost competitive with exotic lumbers like Ipe, Teak, Cumaru, and higher end exotics and other engineered woods and composites. Lamboo does offer price breaks dependent on volume of materials within a project as well as the inclusion of multiple product lines within a project. To provide the best price, contact the Lamboo Corporate Office and speak with a Internal Sales Specialist.
  • Where does Lamboo source it's materials?
    Lamboo utilizes globally sourced materials from all over the world. Lamboo continues to develop relationships with bamboo manufacturers in all countries that can supply materials that meet our quality expectations. As always, Lamboo continues to utilize materials that are sustainably farmed and procured to ensure that quality of life and materials.
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