CNC Milling

Lamboo®'s CNC capacities are almost limitless. With experienced in-house engineers, Lamboo® is able to provide custom milling and profiling services for pretty much any project. From complex curves, pocketing, and edge profiling, Lamboo® will provide you with quality service at a competitive price.

For quoting, provide Lamboo® with your 2D or 3D CAD files and we will work on providing you the best solution for your project. Lamboo® can currently CNC mill: soft/hardwoods, plastics, thin metals, phenolics, and other building materials. Contact us today to receive a quote!

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Lamboo® now offers molding services for dimensional shapes for handrails, door trim, siding, soffit, and other types of profiled dimensional lumbers per project requirements. With our five head molder, we are versatile in creating the shaped product you need for your project. Not only do we mold our materials, but we are willing to provide our molding services for other materials used in your project.

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Custom Millwork

Lamboo® now offers custom millwork services for the architectural & design industries, which can serve as an elegant enhancement to any project. We strive to help find the best solutions for your project. With experienced woodworkers and engineers, this allows you, the customer, to have confidence in the solutions we provide. For quoting, contact us today so we can help make your project a success.

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Besides our fabrication services, Lamboo® provides full in-house interior and exterior finishing services giving our customers full turn-key solutions for their projects.  With our experience finishing experts, Lamboo® provides the finished look required for your project.

Lamboo has custom stain-matching capacities which allows our customers the flexibility to choose the exact color for their project.

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Shop Drawings

Have an idea but just don't know how to put it on paper? Let Lamboo®'s in-house technical staff help. Lamboo® offers shop drawing services for a variety of applications from manufactured parts for OEM applications to architectural projects. We focus on you, the customer, to provide you the quality service required for your project.


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