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Lamboo® Structure™ Series Custom Pergola

Dreaming of an exterior project to add to your home with Spring right around the corner? Take a look at this pergola built with the Lamboo® Structure™ Series. Based on the durability and mechanical properties of Lamboo®’s engineered bamboo, it is perfect for long spans and exterior applications. The Lamboo® Structure™ Series products are pressure treated with environmentally safe, exterior preservatives to help with decay and rot from the inside out.

Other ideal applications for Lamboo® Structure™ structural beams and members include: glulam beams (straight, cambered, curved), post and beam, joists, trusses, large outdoor structures, canopies, trellises, and custom applications requested by customers.

For more information on the Lamboo® Structure™ Series contact us at 866-966-2999 or You can also visit us online at .

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