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Lamboo® Rainscreen™

The Lamboo® Rainscreen™ System is the “First to Market” engineered bamboo rainscreen solution designed for exterior siding and soffit applications combining performance, stability, and contemporary aesthetics all into one system. Lamboo’s rainscreen system utilizes the Lamboo® Titan™ Clip and Mounting Hardware that has been hurricane tested and approved through Florida Product Approval. This system can be mounted directly to exterior sheathing or utilizing a variety of furring systems which include Z-girts when continuous exterior insulation is required.

Typical Applications for Lamboo® Rainscreen™ include: Wall Covering, Soffit, Underneath Canopies & Awnings, and Interior Wall Elements & Cladding

To learn more contact us today via phone at 866-966-29998, email at, or visit us on the web at

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