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Lamboo® Fusion™ Composite Wall Cladding

Check out the all new Lamboo® Fusion™ recycled bamboo plastic composite cladding boards! The Fusion™ composite product line offers a material that requires virtually no maintenance and is backed by a 15 year warranty! Lamboo® offers the Fusion™ wall/soffit cladding in 2 surface options – Textured & 3D Embossed Wood Grain – and 6 colors that you can find at Choose this smart & sustainable product for your next residential or commercial project, and take the stress of yearly maintenance out of the picture! Fusion™ products are also available in decking & louver systems as well!

Here are some features on the Lamboo® Fusion™ line: *Extremely Low Maintenance: Lamboo® Fusion™ products do not need stained or treated during their life, reducing cost & hassle. *High Durability: Lamboo® Fusion™ products are highly durable that will not rot or decay - reducing replacement costs. *Hidden Clipping Systems: Whether you use Lamboo® Fusion™ products for decking or cladding, we offer a hidden clipping system that makes installation easy and allows for a modern clean look with zero exposed fasteners. *Safe For All Projects: Lamboo® Fusion™ products are very safe for both residential & commercial projects, utilizing anti-slip and anti-splinter technology.

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