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Bridgewater, New Jersey

Project Overview

More than 1,000 new locations for this luxury athletic fitness club are being built across the United States. With core tenets of inclusiveness, wellness, and whole-body health, Lifetime Fitness is more than just a gym.

Lifetime Swim.jpg

As Lifetime Fitness expanded across the US, designers wanted a ceiling and wall material that would not only hold up to the moisture inherent in indoor pool areas, but also promote a message of sustainability and beauty. With bamboo’s rapidly renewable harvest cycles and high yield, coupled with Lamboo’s quality, performance, and aesthetics, it was a perfect match. 


Lifetime began with a location next to their corporate headquarters in Minnesota. The design team decided on a rainscreen feature for the walls, a core product offered by Lamboo, but also considered a hanging trellis system for the ceiling. 


Lamboo’s exceptional customer service and in-house expertise supported in the design of  creating a rigid spine using laminated engineered bamboo that would fit louvers locked into place and provide the appearance of the ceiling trellis to float in space. Due to the size and large span of the ceiling trellis, the team determined how to separate the unit into three sections, which allowed the installer an option to pre-assemble a section at a time prior to installing.


Following the experience at the location near their headquarters, Lifetime Fitness engaged Lamboo to do an even larger ceiling system in a sports complex. And now, Lifetime Fitness is so satisfied with the results of Lamboo products, Lamboo is in the master specification document for their nationwide expansion.


Demott Builders

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