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What Is Lamboo?


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Lamboo is the world leading materials technology company focused on engineered, high-performance bamboo materials that are used within architectural, structural, and design applications.  Lamboo SBP(Structural Bamboo Products) are structurally superior to their wood counterparts, and can be manufactured for both interior and exterior grade, and boasts uniform grain patterns that are spectacular in appearance. Lamboo, Inc. consistently spearheads the highest performance bamboo products in the market through our global certifications, research, development, and proprietary manufacturing processes. We offer six product lines that serve as sustainable alternatives to standard building materials and composites currently employed in today's construction and OEM industries. These product lines consist of the following:

  • Lamboo® Structure™ - Structural beams & members for exposed aesthetic structural or glazing systems.
  • Lamboo® Renewall™ - Curtain Wall & Storefront members and components within thermally performing structural curtain wall systems.
  • Lamboo® Vue™ - Window & Door panels and component material for high performance, sustainable window & door systems.
  • Lamboo® Design™ - Interior panels, composite panels, veneer, and dimensional components for architectural or design applications.
  • Lamboo® Elements™ - Exterior panels or components for outdoor furnishings or weather-bearing applications.
  • Lamboo® Elite™ - Aviation, Maritime, Automotive panels, veneer, composite panels, and components for OEM new builds or re-fits requiring premium quality, uniformity, and aesthetics.


Our Processes:

Our manufacturing processes accomplish 25% less embodied energy within the final product compared than the processes of engineered wood, and 300% less embodied energy than those of aluminum and steel. Lamboo products are on average 40% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension, and 3 times stronger than wood mechanically. 

Bamboo is a plant that dates back to prehistoric times and remains the fastest growing plant in the world. which is ideal for the demands of the construction industry. It is technically a grass and found on nearly every continent; it can grow in the mountains, the tropics, and even in the southern United States. There are nearly 1600 different species of bamboo. Although bamboo often resembles trees, it differs from them in growth tendencies and plant structure. Bamboo possesses two growth patterns: clumping or running root systems. These root systems create a natural bio filter for storm water runoff and the natural clumped balls prevent soil erosion. We have isolated 4 out of the 1600 species of bamboo to be used for all of our architectural, structural, and design applications.  Bamboo sequesters 35% more carbon than its tree counter parts in a like- sized forest.  Bamboo also produces 30% more oxygen than a like-sized timber forest. These differences allow bamboo to grow faster and straighter than any known tree species. Bamboo reaches the degree of its size in height and circumference in its 1st or 2nd year of life.  We source Lamboo materials solely from mature plants, between their 6th and 8th year of life, to allow for optimal uniformity and strength.  To learn more about bamboo fibers, farms, our global sourcing, processes go to: Lamboo Solutions .... Read More.



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