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Lamboo, Inc. research and product development commenced in January of 2003, and was initiated by our staff with over 65 years of combined bio-material research and testing experience. Through testing and species analysis, Lamboo identified 4 out of 1600 bamboo species that have superior cellular structure, mechanical properties, and optimal yield characteristics. Test results show that bamboo has high tensile strength, formidable stability, and tremendous compression properties. The average modulus of elasticity is greater than any wood species, which gives Lamboo the ability to secure more uniformity while achieving longer spans. 

Lamboo R&D encompasses multiple levels of analysis including: Procurement, Species, Growth Cycle, Carbon Sequestration, Climate, Regions, Adhesives, Manufacturing, Land management, and Logistics. Lamboo’s proprietary lamination process and technology positions us to be as sustainable as our products. It is due to our sustainability and the performance resilience of our product that industry leaders demand Lamboo. Lamboo is committed to safeguarding and developing bamboo as a natural resource so that we can continue to provide higher performing and longer lasting products. Lamboo continually tests and improves its methods to ensure our business, products, and stakeholders are sustainable in every sense of the word. 


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University of Massachusetts

Dr. Peggi L. Clouston Ph.D. M.A.Sc.(Eng) P.Eng. Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Conservation at the University of Massachusetts is working to evaluate the Dowel-Bearing Strength of Laminated Veneer Bamboo (LVB). 

“This work will provide key information to advance the design of dowel-type fasteners, like nails and bolts. Specifically, the dowel-bearing strength at an angle of load to grain will be experimentally determined and compared to Hankinson Formula, which is commonly used in the engineering mechanics approach to wood connection design.” - Dr. Clouston

Dr. Clouston has been working in the field of structural wood design and engineering for over twenty years. She currently teaches courses in bio-based building composites, structural timber design, and statics and strength of materials for architects, engineers and construction technologists at the University of Massachusetts. Her research program focuses on the structural behavior and efficient use of sustainable, bio-based composite materials. Assisting in the project is student Alex Flinn. Alex is an honors student at the University of Massachusetts studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with an interest in structural engineering and sustainable technology.

US Department of Energy

University Of Illinois

U of I Solar Decathlon House 2011

View the University of Illinois 2011 Solar Decathlon project.

Lamboo, Inc. has partnered with the University of Illinois in the 2011 Solar Decathlon Competition supplying laminated bamboo products. The Lamboo® WeaveCore product was integrated into structural insulated panels(SIP's) for the main structure of the 2011 house. Lamboo products help attain higher performance than most commonly used wood materials within the building industry.

Lamboo® WeaveCore is uniquely designed by having thin bamboo slats interwoven to create layers of woven bamboo, then having multiple layers pressed and laminated together to create solid panels. With this woven technology, similar to kevlar, its performance in high wind and hurricane resistance, bolistics testing, and extreme conditions will exceed any traditional plywood product on the market.

U of I Solar Decathlon House 2009

View the University of Illinois 2009 Solar Decathlon project.

The U of I and Lamboo, Inc. have partnered to examine the current use of sustainable materials in the architectural industry. Lamboo Inc. supplied material for structural framing and finish applications to be utilized in the final design for the U.S. Department of Energy 2009 Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon is a competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

This is the 4th Solar Decathlon event and the 2nd time that the University of Illinois will be involved. With the use of Lamboo, the building attained higher levels of efficiency by incorporating framing elements that are just 3/4" thick and spaced at approximately 2' - 0" on center. Thus the material is not only rapidly renewable, but it also significantly reduced thermal bridging in walls. 

This system allows for the use of less material and more efficiency. The U of I's Gable Home took 1st place in North America and 2nd overall in the international competition. 


Sustainable Portables by The University of Illinois

Being the leader in the industry, Lamboo, Inc. has partnered with the University of Illinois and their Sustainable Portables class taught by Professor Jeff Poss. Through this class, students can learn about new sustainable materials on the market. The U of I class had multiple students that created sustainable portables with the use of Lamboo materials.

Featured students are Michael Peyton with his innovative light; Ryan Reber & Ryan Sarros with R2 Productions created a contemporary rocking chair; June He created her singing and dancing Lamboo lamp; and Vatsal Desai designed an ergonomic chair.  Below are the pictures of their end product designs.

44 Illinois University Carbondale

John K. Dobbins, Director of the Architectural Studies Masters program and board member for Lamboo, Inc. has been working with Lamboo, Inc.  from the beginning. He has conducted studies regarding the following:

  • Architectural and Structural Applications
  • Structural Systems Analysis
  • Structural Details and Connections
  • Data Analysis and Specifications Writer

Ongoing research will continue with Southern Illinois University as we continue to understand more of the performance attributes that our products add to the stability of structural systems.

Mississippi State University    


We are working with the Department of Forestry Products for ongoing analysis of the durability and performance of the the LAMBOO® VUE window and door material as it compares to other architectural components. This research will continue for many years as we establish long-term compliance with the testing required by the WDMA and CE for the United States and Europe. It is very important to the Lamboo research department to continue to showcase the superior durability of our products over other products currently used in the construction industry. We accomplish this through diligent and regular documentation of test data and in-the-field application data. 



Structural Bamboo (SBP)

E-Bamboo (Engineered bamboo)


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