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Lamboo® Renewall™


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Structural Engineered Bamboo Curtain Wall & Storefront Systems

The LAMBOO® RENEWALL series is a product line that offers curtain wall members, storefront system components, and full systems and installation accomplished as a hybrid aluminum/Lamboo solution through our partners listed below. When our LAMBOO® RENEWALL curtain wall products are integrated within projects, high-performance meets modern aesthetics and stability. Lamboo curtain wall and storefront systems are ideal in both commercial and residential applications, bringing performance and aesthetic attributes unmatched by any other glazing system on the market. Our components can be custom fabricated to meet the requirements for your project. This product line offers true strength and sustainability through innovation.

The LAMBOO® RENEWALL can meet Passive House standards with the implementation of higher performance glass, unlike aluminum systems that cannot meet these standards. *Curtain wall systems available from the certified manufacturers. Please contact us for more more information.

Split Mullion



Thermal Properties
U-Value of System = 0.26
SHGC = 0.25
CRF Value-Condensation Rate = 76
Water (ASTM E 547) = 20 PSF
AIr (ASTM E 283) = 0.02 CFM/FT