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Exterior Engineered Bamboo Panel and Component Applications and Solutions

Lamboo offers their LAMBOO® ELEMENTS  series - components, panels, and OEM products specifically designed for exterior finish design and architectural applications. LAMBOO® ELEMENTSpanels and components are ideal for Architectural applications, Louvers, Handrails, Stair treads, Rain Screen Systems,  Exterior Furniture, Exterior Paneling, and many other design applications. Lamboo, Inc. offers a higher performing, aesthetically pleasing, workable panel that appeals to finish carpenters, manufactures, and to the  designer/builder.

Our exterior grade components and panels include proprietary manufacturing processes & bonding agents to resist moisture and last throughout harsh environments. With uniform colors to choose from, LAMBOO® ELEMENTS panels and components offer strength, rigidity, and durability, and are fabricated to meet the performance and aesthetic requirements for your project.

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alt Lamboo® Elements™ Stains

alt Applicable LEED Points

Recommended Finish Systems & Stain Options

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-Stair Treads


-Rain Screens

-Solar Structures

-Awning Systems

-Exterior Furniture

-Sun Shade Devices

-Exterior Accessories

-Industrial Plywood


Vertical Grain Carbonized

Vertical Grain Carbonized

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LEED Credits available through Lamboo integration

  • MR Credit 6 - Rapidly renewable materials
  • IEQ Credit 4.4 - Low-emitting materials
  • ID Credit 1 - Innovation in Design
    (Environmentally Preferable Material)
  • ID Credit 2 - Innovation in Design
    (Life Cycle Assessment / Environmental Impact)
  • FSC Certification - Available Upon Request (Only qualifies for interior grade products)


Elements Resource Library


Lamboo® Elements™ Site Furnisings