Lamboo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Lamboo, Inc. is an engaged company that is committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  Lamboo Solutions delivers transparent and verifiable systems to ensure that we source our bamboo from sustainably managed farms that respect both the land and its stewards. We inspect, audit, and authenticate our supply chain to certify that our sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and product integration meets our rigorous specifications for sustainability and performance.

Lamboo Inc. resolutely positions itself at the forefront of sustainability, product performance, and social responsibility.  As such, Lamboo Inc. became an officially recognized member of the United Nations Global Compact in February 2014 and its ten principles that guide corporate behavior in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.  We believe in the ability of our corporation to shape a better future with these enriching standards, and Lamboo Inc. firmly commits to furthering these principles within our company, industry, and the international societies where we work.
The rules of conduct and values of the United Nations Global Compact are actively promoted as an essential component of our corporate evolution and the daily procedures of our enterprise. Lamboo Inc. ensures that our stakeholders, clients, and communities understand the depth and content of this promise.  Each year Lamboo Inc. will generate the following reports to guarantee public accountability, transparency, and programmatic evolution.

* A statement signed by Lamboo Inc.’s chief executive expressing continued support for the United Nations Global Compact and renewing our ongoing commitment to the initiative and its principles.
* A description of practical actions that Lamboo Inc. has taken to implement the United Nations Global Compact principles in human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.
* A qualitative and quantitative measurement of the degree to which targets/performance indicators were met.

When you purchase from Lamboo Inc., you are promised a company that embodies the emerging future of corporate changemaking-one that respects the dignity of workers, the environment, market fairness, and high-quality products.

Our brand, reputation, and leading market position are important to us. We value superior products that deliver outstanding performance while respecting our planet and our neighbors.  Accordingly, we actively measure and monitor the life cycle of all Lamboo product lines in addition to the prosperity of the communities where we work.  Our company principles guide a sustainable development that will leave the world a better place.  From qualification for LEED credits in the US, to ASTM certifications for architectural and engineering applications, to international bamboo reforesting projects and developmental economic opportunity, Lamboo purposefully conducts itself to position the firm at the forefront of sustainability, product performance, and social responsibility.

If you want to know more about Lamboo’s commitment to these ideals, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

alt Applicable LEED Points 

Bamboo As A Resource

Bamboo, as a resource, is the most sustainable plant used in the manufacturing of structural and architectural systems. Bamboo fully matures in 6 years, whereas timber takes between 25 to 50 years to reach maturation. Lamboo has 3 times the structural capacity of timber, achieving longer spans that, in turn, allows for less use of material. Bamboo helps eliminate soil erosion and can be harvested without replanting due to its root structure and grass-like features. Unlike other crops, bamboo requires little or no pesticides because of a natural bio-agent that is bound to the plant at the molecular level.  Bamboo's yield per acre is unsurpassed; bamboo can be harvested at a rate of 14 tons of usable fiber per acre every 6 to 8 years. In comparison, 8 tons of usable fiber per acre can be harvested from timber every 25-30 years.

Lamboo employs four bamboo species that do not serve as a food source or habitat for any animals.  Further, Lamboo products are manufactured to be formaldehyde free due to adhesive selection and dutifully chosen processing procedures.  Every element of operations has been carefully adopted and reevaluated to ensure the best possible products, services, and future for our company and planet.  Lamboo, Inc. aims to be as sustainable as its bamboo.

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